Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019

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Sharing Cities Action Encounter.
Sustainable and inclusive platforms to achieve cities' and global goals

Let's collectivise the Encounter's documentation by taking notes collaboratively, collecting photos and recordings

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ProgrammeCommunity Noun project 32154.svg sessions with collaborative note-taking
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Keywords for common interests and shared goals Community Noun project 8285.svg Community Noun project 36082.svg

Thematic overview of Share.Barcelona.

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Connections with other events in Teixidora.

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· Click the blue links to discover where a person is related. Click on the red links to create the pages of these people in Teixidora and discover their relationships with other events.

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Organisations mentioned in the sessions

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Projects mentioned in the sessions.

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To take collaborative notes

  • Use collaborative writing pads
  • You can access them from a mobile phone or laptop
  • You can find a link after each title, in the sessions list, this will lead you to collaborative notes
  • Once you access the pad you can write on it. Help identify challenges, opportunities, actors, organisations, projects, key words,..
  • Each editor has a different color. You can write anonymously or use your name or pseudonym.

Join in. Contribute. Let’s collectivise discourse!

See the notetakers SHARINGACTION2019/GUIDE

To share the pictures you take

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