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Sharing Cities Action Encounter: Cities & Ecosystem

Sharing Cities Action Encounter Barcelona - 19-21 November 2019

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Conference notes

Alvaro Porro introduction about the space that is hosting this meeting and the actions of the last year.

presentation of the ten principles of the declaration - first framewrok made by citieson this subject. we hope it can really inspire our policy makers and not just be apiece of paper.

importance of the collaboration with the University UOC. presentation of the update of the sharing cities program

Mayo Fuster: joint effeort in promoting sharing cities task force with the municipality future actions

renovation of the agreement with the muncipal government to promote alternative actions in the field.

after Amsterdam 2016, NY 2017 and Bcn 2018.

We are also extremely happy to announced that Seoul has agreed to promote  and host the next sharing cities summit in 2020.  It is going to be a wonderful oportunity to open this debate in asia.  Seoul iis the first city in the world that considers itself a sharing city. We'll start working with other continents

Important also to open the door to Asia, after Europe and North America. in addition: Seoul is moving the reflection from sharing cities to urban commons cities /sharing economy to urban commons economy

This year (what happened):

    - Celebration Sharing Cities Sweeden: working in sustainability, differentiating among platform' models.

    - Platform promoting better or worse working conditions

    - A key element in this year's stand is the fact of including inclusion as a transversal topic. 40% of the programe is about gender, feminism and diverisity.

    - The sustainability track will be charectarized by the participation of Viable Cities. To ensure the key principles regarding the neutral impact in the environment.

    - city sovereignity is also a principle and an element to consider for empowering cities and citizens - how cities can collaborate to tackle the monopolistic and centralized platforms? see the case of short term holiday rental...

    - Highlight: 28 cities send representatives to the sharing cities 2019,Cities collaborating toghether can find solutions to the current challenges of the Platform Economy.

    - SCities Stand Lab stand in the middle of the Smart City Expo Congress - governance: quadruple helix model that involves all the stakeholders at stake

    DG Growth - Ulla Engelmann (head of Unit: Advanced Technologies, Clusters and Social Economy)(ESER)

    Video: Social economy regions projects (it was not just for regions, also cities, etc)-

     Social economy is key to promote a fairer digital economy.

    - 13.6 million paid jobs in europe com form the social economy sector. 2.8. million social economy initiatives.

    - Bring good ideas and solutions to the table thanks to social economy initiatives

    - More than 80 regions

- Aim: raising awareness and building networks of regional social economy stakeholders.

- 32 (2018) to 55 Regions int 2019. Launched in 2018

- ESER 2019:  capturing knowledge from local and regional ESER 18/19 events; contributing to the co-creation/co-construction of EU policies in the fieldof social economy; collecting ideas on how to transfer proposal into practice


- EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS offers possibility of employment

Klemens Himpele: Vienna (Comitee of Regions and Cities) COR -  Own Initiative Opinion on collaborative economy (Vienna's Leading Role)

- CoR: represents local and regional authorities across the EU

- Political assembly composed of 350 members and 350 alternates from all eu countrires

Cor members - own initative opinions, for regulation (this what vienna did with short term rental)

Opinion Content:

 1. DATA: european cities are requiring a certainty of law and legislative basis for digital business on yhe EU bound to home state regulation


 3. Responsibility:  online platf. don't act as mere "notice boards" - the services offered included ratings, market development ecc..; the EU legal frame must intervene with regulations to ensure better coexisteance

 4. Housing

Digital services ACT (DSA) it's annunced for 2020. the existing framework is outdated and cannot respond to challenges. EP is working on this

INternational Network of cities and regions, references in the CO-R opinion:

    Sharing Cities Declaration

    the cooperation with Amsterdam group of cities (Berlin, BCN, London Paris...)

    Eurocities (Housing, platform economy....)


SHARING CITIES SWEDEN: 4 different testbeds

(Bullets list)


Charlie Gullstrom (research adn design: viable cities. Ten year initiative that has gather out some public funding to support sharing cities into the transition process. We fund calls to work toghether in order to speed up the climate transition.

A. Umea Test bed:

We are doing sharing, because depsite that we do not have many platforms afecting in the city, we have a lot of challenges ot solve, so for us it helps us to find solutions to cglobal problems such as pollution. and we are pioneer in circular economy

We see thus as trying something new, of circularity and sharing and the same time. Sharing requires new type of government, we are seeing that we have to collaborate and make things co-created. This is challenging for cities.

b. Bove Lund: working on sustainable consumption, mappingout the local econsystem of sharing ecosystem: smartmap (open source). Being part of this sharing cities sweeden means that we are 15 partners, which is a good way to be part of a cocreation process. we want to promote the sharing culture in our cities .We are now participation in a ??

C. Charlie Gullstrom, test bed in Stockholm: there is an interest and a city iniciative and now we are tryng to spread the voice to other cities (air quality sensor on the balcony ecc..things like this)

How we can engage those people that are living a nice area to collaborate in cocreation practices? How we can spread the word to other citizens? Workshops on issues such as food waste, air quality sensor, etc. But we also dicovered there is a ig interest in urban farming and food, so around it we have been working with ?? they are thinking of providing tools for farming in this districits. These are residential blocks and they do not have obious reasons to sharing, but however, we can

Street box for sharing  (virtually and then you walk down and you can get things phisycally)

Alex Jonsson (EVO Things/Stockholm) --> it's also about skills and ability to repair, so we organize workshop....

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