Social innovation for the Climate in the cities 2018/11/15/apunts/01

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We will explain how social innovation can contribute to mitigate climate change.

Ecopreneurs for the Climate is an NGO.

Anthropocene: hurricanes, fires, droughts,

Warning from scientists, we are entering a ... effect that no one knows the answer

Looking at the predictions made 20 years ago, we are in the worst case scenario regarding climate change

Three weeks ago IPCC report was an eye opener: global warming of 1.5º C. We have 12 years to reduce CO emissions to 50%.

We are in the 6th mass extinction: humanity is included.

Naomi Klein Capitalism killed our climate momentum, not human nature. we are not loosing humanity, we are loosing the economy as it was

Nicolas Hulot, resigned a few months ago telling Macron saying we can't protect the environment if we don't change the economy

Yayo Herrero, ecofeminist: rejects GDP as the measure to follow in this situation.

Eight wite males are taking decisions.

The ecological footprint of countries, The Equality Effect, dany dorling may 2017, there is a correlation between wealth and pollution, the most unequal countries, Spain is number 6 are the ones that pollute the most, economic growth doesn't create work anymore.

The curb we have to care about, we need to reduce to net 0 before 2015, we need to change everything,

Is it time for post-growth economy?


geoenginering, mass scale is not a solution, because the collateral damage could be worse

The problem is social, not technological,

we need social change and that starts with democracy, Barcelona is doing well with that

we need to focus on community, on people

Jacinda Arden New Zealand prime minister has changed GDP by the living standards framework

Barcelona is in a good path as well, by 2020 will forbid cars using diesel

21 kids have sued the Trump administration for inaction on climate change, asking for their constitutional right for health

solar energy and renewable energy, now that the solar tax has been removed in Spain

Urban gardens, co-housing, co-living, everything that has to do with sharing,

cooperatives, eticom operator, social innovation , social entrepreneurship with a business model

How to mainstream it?

1 framing the problem inequality

2. envisioning a bright future: glocal solutions

3. spotting the green signs, bringing together neighbors

4. strengthening local ecosystems

Cop23 Fiji cohosted with Bonn , the Trump administration the pavilion was hijacked by activists.

(Book) Hope in the dark ,Rebeca Solnit

Q - We are talking about a strategy to make things mainstream? Do you think we can make it happen?

A - We have 12 years to reduce emissions by 50%

There will be solutions at different levels.

There is no master plan that will solve anything.

Q -What is raising is the far right. The mainstream is not this.

A - We don't know the future. Small people in small places can do a lot of things - Eduardo Galeano

Q - Are we going to hit the wall? How can we prepare for that?

A - We need to think local.

Q - I think it is hard to change perspectives at big companies. So how can we work with the current economic system?

A - Yes we need to work with everyone. If you want to fight climate change you need to fight inequality inside your own company.