Collaborative note-taking 2018/11/14/apunts/01

De teixidora

We have been covering events in the techno-social domains.

For transparency To foster debate, thought and knowledge For community mapping, bottom-up To confront the algorithm with pads and forms To create new and open infrastructures of public debate

A project promoted by femProcomuns multistakeholders cooperative, TAG Taller d’Intangibles and Free Knowledge Institute.

1. An event is planned uploaded to Teixidora’s calendar by filling in a form

Event example: ShareBcn 2018 Institutional welcome and Day programme review

Agenda and event tracking section: Seguim fils

2. A pad is opened + notes are taken (chronologically or structured by contents)

Pad example:

Each person that takes notes has a different colour.

3. Information is distilled (tag fields are filled in)

Event example: Xerrada inaugural Procomuns 2017

Example: distilled information merged by semantic queries: Procomuns 2017 documentats

4. Documentation is uploaded

Event example: Xerrada inaugural Procomuns 2017

A bot automatically uploads the pad to the wiki, if the pad has been structured the information is uploaded by the bot and classified in the semantic wiki

After the event we can always update the wiki page with other media such as videos etc.

We can extract conclusions from the information from different events.

We have maps but also timelines of events. We also have geolocation of the actors so we can see where people work and come from.

Q. Are there concerns about collecting knowledge in the open. We are the first to use it but are there concerns?

We don't collect personal data. We are taking notes on events that are public.