Yu 2020/02/08 If China valued free speech, there would be no coronavirus crisis

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Yu, Verna (08/02/2020) If China valued free speech, there would be no coronavirus crisis

Country could have contained spread of disease if only it had learned lessons from Sars outbreak

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En aquest article publicat a inicis de febrer de 2020 (i per tant en una etapa molt primerenca de la Crisi del COVID19) l'autora, periodista radicada a Hong Kong, sosté que la falta de llibertat d'expressió a Xina es converteix en una amenaça per la salut per als xinesos i per a tot el món. L'article és mencionat al llibre "Pandèmia. El covid-19 estremece al mundo" del filòsof Slavoj Zizek.

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Data 08/02/2020
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  • The death of the whistleblower Chinese doctor Li Wenliang has aroused strong emotions across China. Social media is awash with posts mourning the death of a martyr who tried to raise alarm over the coronavirus but was taken into a police station instead for “spreading false rumours” and “disrupting social order”.,
  • If Li had lived in a society where citizens could speak freely without fear of being punished for exposing problems the authorities would rather not see, and if his warning had been heeded and action swiftly taken, the virus could have been contained. Instead, it has already killed at least 724 and infected nearly 35,000 people, and the virus is still spreading.,
  • Unless Chinese citizens’ freedom of speech and other basic rights are respected, such crises will only happen again. With a more globalised world, the magnitude may become even greater – the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak is already comparable to the total Sars death toll.,
  • Human rights in China may appear to have little to do with the rest of the world but as we have seen in this crisis, disaster could occur when China thwarts the freedoms of its citizens. Surely it is time the international community takes this issue more seriously.